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Hi! I'm Lee.

I support burnt out women shift from feeling flat and fatigued to vibrant and empowered from the moment their eyes open, right up until their head hits the pillow.

Leeron Zion
As a Health and Wellness coach, speaker and workshop facilitator,  I’m passionate about embracing YOU and your unique health situation. 


It’s my mission to educate, empower, and coach you on your journey towards health & wellness….the holistic way. So get ready to deep dive into all areas of your life including: nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise, your career, relationships, spirituality, and more.
Everything truly is connected and with the right tools, insider knowledge and my unwavering support, you’ll regain your excitement, enthusiasm and vibrancy for life!
My Approach

My approach is based on the concept of Bio-individuality, which acknowledges that we are all different and that, therefore, all need different things in order to thrive.


When working with me, you will receive a personalized program that caters, specifically, to you and your lifestyle. 

My Services

I offer a variety of coaching programs ranging in length and depth. These programs involve setting goals and providing education and accountability to realize those goals. 

If you're not ready for such a commitment but still want to feel good in your body, check out my events. These 2-3 hour events include cooking classes and educational workshops where you'll gain lots of knowledge combined with fun, hands-on experience.

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