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Sugar-Free Mango Iced Tea

It is HOT here in Hong Kong - i'm talking 30°C on average with 80% humidity as a norm. And with this heat, it's safe to say that you'll either find me in air-conditioning or in a body of water.

In the two minutes between the AC and body of water, though, i'm looking always for all the cooling food - and drinks - that I can get my hands on. This mango iced-tea is as tasty as it is refreshing.

The earl grey tea provides a gentle caffeine boost, way more gentle than coffee, with an some extra potassium, which "helps enhance muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolytic functions, and the nervous system."

And the best part? This recipe has absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR. But don't worry - it has the perfect amount of sweetness from the mango and a refreshing kick from the mint.

Okay, off to the pool I go! Here's the recipe:


  • 1 earl grey tea bag

  • 1 mango

  • 10 mint leaves + more for garnish

  • water *

  • ice


  1. Advance Prep: cut up one mango and place in a ziplock or stasher bag and in the freezer overnight (or longer)

  2. Steep 1 earl grey tea bag in a glass of boiling water

  3. Add frozen mango and 10 mint leaves to a blender with some water* until a thick slushy forms

  4. Fill 2 glasses up with ice and pour the tea over each of them in equal amounts

  5. Add a little bit of cold water if needed leaving room for half of the mango slush in each glass that you will add on top next

  6. Garnish with mint leaves an enjoy!

Although it looks pretty while separated, you should definitely mix the mango slush with the tea before drinking for all the yummies.

*You have the option of using coconut water if you have a serious sweet tooth but I prefer to keep this drink lower sugar and, personally, the mango is more than enough sweet for me.

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