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So, why ME? That is the ultimate question isn’t it…


Well, truth be told, the answer is pretty simple: I’VE BEEN THERE, TOO!


My journey to becoming a Health & Wellness Coach began many years ago in a place that was sickly and unhappy. 


In my mid-late teens, I started suffering from digestive issues. The pain was crippling and often left me preferring to skip meals rather than endure the aftermath of even the simplest and healthiest foods. More crippling, however, was not knowing when I would get better. Despite having extensive knowledge on the subject, meditating/doing yoga to combat stress, eating and avoiding all the right foods, and doing  everything my doctors would advise, nothing seemed to help. 

Regardless of that, i've always tended towards anxiety. From a very young age, I remember having uncontrollable anxiety attacks that weren't pleasant for me or anyone around me. 


It's actually pretty safe to say that making the active choice to lead a healthier way of life saved me. It made me realize that whatever I was experiencing before was not really living, but merely surviving.

Today, I am ALIVE! Besides my digestive issues improving immensely (it's not perfect, but what really is?), my entire physical being is at an optimal point of health. Besides not having an anxiety attack in years, my general worldview and perception of situations and/or people has shifted dramatically. I feel a lot more positive and at ease now.  

So, I know what it's like. I understand your frustrations. And I even understand your strong urge to just give up. Because I was there, too. Today, I wake up every single morning with newfound excitement for what lies ahead. I am grateful and feel on top of the world. 

The idea of balance is actually what gets me through every day. Life is a beautiful balancing act and, like other art-forms, it requires guidance and practice. So, let me help you remember what it's like to really LIVE HolisticLee Happy.

Leeron Zion

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